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Scot Knows Showbiz

He's performed for these companies:

Besides entertaining corporate clients, Scot has also:

  • Produced commercials;
  • Appeared on TV and film;
  • Cirque Du Soleil casting;
  • America's Got Talent casting;
  • Gameshow Network casting;
  • Performed at colleges, churches, fairs, birthday parties - everywhere from arenas to the streets;
  • Travelled to do shows in 40+ states and 8 countries!

And of course, he's created his own ticketed shows, foremost among them:

Branding That Attracts

You're an entertainer. You and your dream clients agree on the most important thing: a great show. If you can communicate that quickly, people will say "WTF, this act is perfect!" Scot hooks you up with a brand message that you can use in all your marketing, conversations, and even creative development. You're a magnet for the goodness.


Sales Without Slime

Scot's methods of sales and service are based on generosity, collaboration, honesty, and abundance. You don't need to dread conversations with clients. It is possible to have great working relationships and get paid what you're worth.

Just Your Goals

Scot listens to you, and together you take action. It's like having a temporary, super-capable business partner who really understands your needs and ambitions.



While I was helping a client build a brand for a new service, one of their past customers reached out to my client with a $5000 job offer. My client thought the gig wasn't a fit, and was about to give the opportunity and the money to someone else. I convened a Zoom meeting, and the three of us figured out a deal that got the customer a great service and got my client a job that felt and paid right. An all-around success!

Planning To Underbid

I guided another client thru a negotiation where she charged 8x as much as she charged the SAME CLIENT year before, then helped her negotiate a deal with Nickelodeon.

No Agent, No bookings

I helped another client get an agent who got her the auditions she was actually right for.

"What we got done in this hour would have taken me a month!"

- Jeremy Carberry, podcast host


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