Scot Nery is caffeine.

Audiences perk up, tune in, and feel good!

- Moby

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Scot Nery is a renowned entertainer, emcee, and curator. He created and hosts Scot Nery's Boobietrap, TripAdvisor’s #1 show in L.A. From Fortune 500 companies to TV and Film, from international cabarets to the house parties of the rich and famous, Scot doesn’t stop! He’s got the energy and drive to make your vision come to life, and the ability to learn and master new skills to create something unique just for you.

An Electrified


Curation, creation, and delivery of the most creative entertainment in the world. Scot’s hilarious, non-stop contagious energy makes your event unforgettable.

An Engaged


Scot designs events that bring people together when it counts. Custom messaging with a personal touch makes organizations stronger and more resilient.

An Elevated


Scot is an expert at finding what’s good about something and communicating it with energy and empathy. He is a world-class host who motivates true engagement and appreciation.

Scot Nery

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